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Permanent Makeup, Facials and Massage

Permanent Make Up

We no longer do Permanent Make Up                      


We only teach continuing education for massage therapists through Barefoot Masters. If you are interested in continuing education for Ashiatsu Bar/Floor Massage, Fijian Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Bamboo Chair Massage, Facial, Stones, Ethics, FL Law or Medical Errors, please contact Barefoot Masters® Instructor Michelle D. Mace at: 239-352-8200 for live & online classes or click on the following link: Barefoot Masters®

For CE Massage Classes In

Ashiatsu Bar/Floor Massage Live or Online

Fijian Deep Tissue Barefoot Massage Live Or Online

Bamboossage® Massage Live or Online

Bamboo2Go Chair Massage Live or Online

Hot Stone Massage Live or Only

Facial Massage Online only

Ethics, Florida Law and Medical Errors Online Only


We only teach Facial massage to massage therapists for continuing education.  Click on the link above or call for more information.

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